Monday, April 16, 2018

Series Contract Signed!!

Greetings everyone!

Long time no hear, I know, but the wheels of open access have been grinding on, albeit extremely slowly. And I am extremely pleased to announce that we now have a series contract in hand with MIT Press! Open Handbooks in Linguistics is officially a Thing!

The first volume in the series, edited by Andrea Berez-Kroeker, Bradley McDonnell and Eve Okura Koller, will be "The Open Handbook of Linguistic Data Management and Archiving." It looks like it is going to be *awesome*.

We will be establishing a process for identifying the next volumes to be pursued for publication in the next month or two, and we'll make announcements accordingly, so please watch out for them!

Each volume in the series will require a financial subvention to support Open Access publication, approximately $13,000 per volume. We will apply to various public and private sources of funding to support the series, but it will also be possible for individuals to make contributions in support of specific projects that they especially believe in.

EXTREMELY excited to finally be able to make this announcement,

your open access handbooks advocate,

Heidi Harley   

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